NOVEMBER 5-9, 2018
Official Conference of the
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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

10:25 am – 11:25 am | Presentation | Room: Pompeian I & II

What To Do With All That Information

Presented by: Kathy Long


Developing a Process Architecture for a business can be a daunting experience.

Critical to success are the considerations for where to start, how to define a process, boundaries of processes, resolving interfaces issues and identifying focus areas. This presentation will take the audience through the journey from start to finish. It will cover the most critical aspects of embarking on a project of this size and the lessons learned. Few projects/programs are implemented without challenges but often there is a hesitancy to expose what didn't work well.  However, having worked as both a consultant and now a member of staff, I know that greatest benefits achieved from almost any effort are learning what to do differently next time.

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • Fundamentals of Process Design
  • Managing Expectations for Delivery
  • Critical Aspects of Process Architecture
  • Challenges of creating a standard approach

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 Kathy Long

Kathy Long

Global Upstream Process Architect
Shell Oil

Ms. Long has twenty-five plus years of experience in all aspects of BPM as well as Continuous Improvement and Lean. She is certified as a Lean Office practitioner as well as a Kaizen facilitator. She is currently in the role of Global Process Architect responsible for Upstream Process Architecture. During past two years at Shell Kathy has managed projects which implemented a new Business Management System for the upstream business as well as designed and documented the majority of core business processes. Working closely with the Global Process Owners, Leads and Architects to create quality standards and fit for purpose processes.

Kathy's 2016 Presentations:

  1. What To Do With All That Information
    Wednesday, November 2, 2016 (10:25 am – 11:25 am)

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