Wednesday | 4:00pm - 5:00pm | Organizing & Deploying Business Rules Track
Room: Diplomat 1


Best Practices to Setup a Business Rules Center of Excellence


Speaker Photo: Deborah Kruesi

Deborah Kruesi

Applications Development Manager, Fannie Mae

Speaker Photo: Jean Pommier

Jean Pommier

Distinguished Engineer- CTO, Software Services for WebSphere, Service Engineering, ILOG WebSphere, IBM

Speaker Photo: Colleen McClintock

Colleen McClintock

Vice-President of Products, Sparkling Logic, Inc.




    Center of Excellence is a very popular and strategic concept to strengthen adoption of new technologies or approaches at the enterprise level. In this presentation, we will share the key best practices evolved from assisting our clients in setting up Business Rules COEs. This includes profiling the COE, acquiring and involving the right skills, setting up the appropriate governance processes and framework, assembling a body of knowledge and inventory of applications. We will feature several of our clients' COE with a deeper dive into Fannie Mae's own approach and implementation of the Business Rule COE concept.


    Deborah Kruesi is an Applications Development Manager at Fannie Mae where she has managed the design, development and implementation of business rules applications for the past 9 years.   She has more than 25 years of experience in software development, including data communications, real-time process control and monitoring and knowledge-based systems.    She holds a BA in Biochemistry from Rutgers University and an MS in Computer Science from the University of Vermont.

    Jean Pommier is a Distinguished Engineer and CTO in the IBM WebSphere Services organization and in charge of Service Engineering (implementation methods, best practices and consulting offerings). Prior to joining IBM in 2008 he was ILOG's VP of Methodology. Jean joined ILOG upon its creation in 1987, in R&D (rule-based systems), moving into consulting and then management in 1990. From 2003 to 2006 Jean led the Worldwide Professional Services for ILOG, the fastest growing source of revenue. Prior to that, he was heading worldwide consulting and US sales operations for ILOG's largest division (financial services, transportation and e-government). Overall, Jean has contributed to more than 400 successful customer implementations of decision-support systems.

    Colleen McClintock is Vice-President of Products at Sparkling Logic. She has worked in the BRMS/Decision Management space since the early 90’s. Colleen led ILOG’s (acquired by (IBM) Product Marketing and Management team, evolving JRules to the market-leading BRMS. At IBM Colleen continued to work in Decision Management and BPM Product Management, focusing on business analyst and business user empowerment and leading a project with IBM Research on next-generation decision management technologies.

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