Sunday | 5:30pm - 8:30pm | Track
Room: Diplomat 5

Pre-Conference Tutorial - Half Day

The Foundation for Reliable Business Process Management


Speaker Photo: Roger Burlton

Roger Burlton

President and Managing Partner, Process Renewal Group

Founder, BPTrends Associates




    After twenty years of BPM experience and twenty more prior to that with quality management methods for process improvement, it has become clear what the factors critical for success are.  It is no surprise that repeatable success comes from a strong foundation based on proven principles and simple ways of thinking about challenges and problems that can be commonly understood and shared broadly. Roger Burlton, a true BPM pioneer and author who started teaching and helping clients with BPM in 1990 will expose what he has found to be an elegant baseline for dealing with processes and for delivering process performance outcomes. Roger will take the group through his Business Process Manifesto that lays the groundwork. Then he will reveal a set of simple methods to collect, connect and correct the process dots. Lastly he will illustrate several ‘tools’ that can be used over and over to tackle a wide range of tricky process issues that come up repeatedly. This will be a fun and down to earth start to the conference for managers and analysts trying to set off on the right BPM foot.

    • A little soul searching
    • The irrefutable principles often unrealized
    • Reusable techniques to collect, connect and correct
    • Some simple cool tools


    Roger is a respected pioneer in the introduction of innovative approaches for Business Management. He is a world leader in the field of Business Process Management, having authored one of the most read and followed books on the topic early in BPM’s growth as well as the Business Process Manifesto. Roger’s leadership is also witnessed by his position as chair of several of the most influential conferences each year on BPM and Business Architecture and by his role as chair of the Advisory Board. The insights he brings to PRG’s consulting clients are thoughtful and pragmatic.    


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