Monday | 11:00am - 2:00pm | Track
Room: Diplomat 3

Pre-Conference Tutorial - Half Day

Capturing Business Rules: From Business Solution to Business Requirements


Speaker Photo: Gladys S.W. Lam

Gladys S.W. Lam

Co-Founder & Principal, Business Rule Solutions, LLC





    Business rules should come from the business. However, you cannot simply ask business people to come together and then multiply rules. 

    Ms Lam will continue her highly popular tutorial on a comprehensive approach for developing a business model and gathering business rules from business experts using facilitated sessions.  She will also share her approach for harvesting business rules using innovative techniques to analyze operational business decisions and her insights on reverse-engineering business rules from application code. This year, she will also discuss how to derive business requirements from business rules.

    This session discusses:

    • How to coordinate facilitated sessions to collect business rules, including preparation, objectives, agenda, and documentation for each session
    • The four primary business model deliverables – Policy Charter, business process models, fact model, and business rules
    • Techniques for capturing, presenting and documenting the deliverables
    • The steps for reverse-engineering rules from application code
    • Decision analysis and decision tables
    • Business requirements and business rules
    • Lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid


    Gladys S.W. Lam is a world-renowned authority on applied business rule and decision techniques. She is Principal and Co-Founder of Business Rule Solutions, LLC (, the most recognized company world-wide in business rules and decision analysis. Ms. Lam is co-creator of IPSpeakTM, the BRS methodology. She is Co-Founder of, a vertical community for professionals and home of Business Rules Journal. She co-authored Building Business Solutions: Business Analysis with Business Rules, with Ronald G. Ross, an IIBA® sponsored handbook on business analysis with business rules.

    Ms. Lam is widely known for her lively, pragmatic style. Ms. Lam is an internationally recognized expert on business rules and decision techniques. She speaks worldwide at conferences and other professional events. She co-presents interactive online seminars. She is also Executive Director of the Building Business Capability (BBC) Conference, which includes the Business Rules and Decisions Forum and is the official conference of the IIBA®.

    Ms. Lam is a world-renowned expert on business project management, having managed numerous projects that focus on the large-scale capture, analysis and management of business rules and decisions. She works comfortably with senior executives providing insights and advice. She advises senior management of large companies on organizational issues and on business solutions to business problems. She is most effective with mentoring and training business analysts worldwide.

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