Monday | 12:00pm - 3:00pm | Track
Room: Diplomat 5

Pre-Conference Tutorial - Half Day

Top Five Techniques for Producing the Highest ROI from Process Analysis


Speaker Photo: Kathy Long

Kathy Long

BPM Lead, Shell Oil




    This tutorial provides a great opportunity for everyone involved in process improvement to increase their project’s ROI. Understanding the appropriate techniques to use when analyzing a process is critical to a Business Analyst’s ability to produce the greatest ROI from their process analysis.  Analysts need to understand what information is critical to capture at the appropriate phases in a process project. This tutorial will provide analysts with information on what type of modeling notation are helpful with which analysis techniques. Knowing which model works best with each technique is crucial in selling the “real” root cause problems and potential solutions to management. Knowing when to use BPMN, Basic Flowcharting, IGOE’s, Node Trees, State Change Diagrams and SIPOC, is critical. It’s equally important to understand which models work best with LEAN, Six Sigma, Value-Add, Gap and other Analysis techniques. This will be a very practical hands-on approach to learning with real examples for participants to work on and see the value of the modeling notations.

    • Which modeling notations provide the best analysis data
    • How to use different analysis techniques to find the greatest opportunities
    • How LEAN, Six Sigma and other techniques assist in producing the best results


    Kathy A. Long, currently BPM Lead for Shell Oil Exploration & Production’s Unconventionals Division, was formally  president of her own company, Innovative Process Consulting. She has accumulated two decades of experience in Business Process Management. She previously divided her time between assisting clients with their BPM projects and training organizations in process improvement. She is a frequent conference speaker on the various topics of Business Process Management. She is now dedicating her time to helping with the improvement of processes for Shell’s Unconventional business. Ms. Long is the author of several articles related to the various aspects of process.  She is also a regular column contributor to the Business Rules Journal.

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