Monday | 4:00pm - 7:00pm | Track
Room: 312

Pre-Conference Tutorial - Half Day

What’s In It for Me? Developing YOUR BPM Competencies


Speaker Photo: Artie (Arjit)  Mahal

Artie (Arjit) Mahal

Sr. Consultant, BPTrends Associates




    The work we do and our ability to do our work must align for personal and business benefit.  This alignment happens best through self-development of competencies in one or more professional practices including BPM.  Competency may be defined as a demonstration of proficient behavior in the execution of activities that require unique knowledge, skills, and motivation in their usage.  

    Business Process Management practice includes the interplay of several roles in the organization including process owners, business managers, process professionals, business analysts, organization designers and technology parishioners.  Each of these roles requires varying levels of business process competencies to deliver performance improvement to the origination while enhancing individual capability for career advancement.

    This hands-on workshop will employ a pioneering BPM Competency Framework to help you identify your individual BPM competency needs and create a development plan which can be put to action for mutual success.

    • What are the competencies for becoming a proficient business process professional
    • How to identify/create a learning path for your individual aspiration in process practice
    • How to effectively develop competencies using “70/20/10” learning method
    • Create your own Development Plan for building process competencies
    • How to self-assess and challenge your own developmental progression
    • How to leverage the conference to help attain your goals


    For two decades, Arjit Mahal successfully led mission-critical management support programs at Mars, Incorporated, developing and delivering programs on Business Change/Process Management, and Learning & Leadership Development. His last role at the company was to form Mars University in North America. 

    Artie is the founder of the ASM Group; and is also a senior consultant with BPTrends Associates, developing and delivering BPM professional services privately to corporations and publicly through Boston University Corporate Education Center.  Artie has co-authored a Business Process Redesign Tools & Techniques Handbook; and has been a speaker at national and international professional forums.

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