Wednesday | 5:00pm - 6:00pm | Understanding and Applying Business Analysis Track
Room: Regency 1


Requirements Readiness - How Do You Know When You Are Done?


Speaker Photo: Rafael Dorantes

Rafael Dorantes

Delivery Project Executive, IBM Canada

Speaker Photo: Dr. Juan Pablo  Giraldo

Dr. Juan Pablo Giraldo

Senior IT Architect and Systems Engineer, IBM




    Regardless of level of knowledge, experience or industry, for years, Business analysts have faced the same questions:

    • How do I know how much detail is enough?
    • How do I know when requirements are "complete"?
    • How do I determine and quantify what is missing?

    In this presentation practitioners will learn :

    • What requirements readiness is
    • How this practice can assist in establishing a criteria to determine the level of readiness of requirements
    • Whether requirements are ready to proceed with its implementation or not
    • How to control any potential gaps.

    Success stories in the use and implementation of this practice will be covered, and a requirements readiness tool will be demonstrated.


    Rafael Dorantes, MBA, PMP, (CBAP candidate Q2-2011), is a Delivery Project Executive and a Certified Managing Consultant with IBM Canada, with twenty-two years of progressive experience consulting and managing the implementation of business solutions in domestic and multinational projects.  He has hands-on experience with a variety of Business Analysis, Project Manager and Software Development methodologies and techniques. His current area of focus is the implementation of Offshore Development Centers, where he is putting to practice new emerging approaches to business analysis.

    Dr. Juan Pablo Giraldo is a Senior Systems Engineer and Certified IT Architect with IBM USA. He has over twenty years of experience as a Systems Engineer, IT Architect and IT Manager leading the successful design, development and deployment of complex business solutions. Since 2003, he has led the Systems Engineering and Architecture Governance activity for large telecommunication clients. He is the author of the Requirements, Design, Testing and Production Readiness workbooks for the Systems Engineering discipline. He is also one of the authors of the Systems Engineering Process which was awarded a patent in 2009.

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