BBC - Building Business Capability BBC - Save The Date - October 31 - November 4, 2016
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BBC - Building Business Capability

2014 Presentation Abstracts

Room: Regency 1


600 MPH CoE Train - Multi Training / Consulting Collaborative Approach for Success


Speaker Photo: Karen Book

Karen Book

Organizational Training & Development Manager, Wellmark BCBS

Speaker Photo: Kristi McIntosh

Kristi McIntosh

Technical Delivery Leader, Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield


    Three years ago, while other companies were cutting costs and laying off employees, Wellmark BCBS began to invest heavily in their Business Analysts' development. We started building a Business Analyst Center of Excellence by collaborating with multiple BA training and best practice coaches. In the beginning, we co-located all of our Business Analysts under one leadership team. Job descriptions were altered, job alignments were completed, development plans were created and the journey was off and running. Running like a train excelling 600 MPH down the CoE track! Many companies have done this, however, we engaged the BEST practice experts from different consulting and training companies collaborating together working towards the same goal. Join panelists Angela Wick, Bob Prentiss, Kupe Kupersmith, Audra Bonner and Christina O'Hare for a Q&A.

    Come join our team for a dynamic in-depth look where we will provide insight into the three-year development roadmap which will include goals to achieve level 3 CMMI. The CoE allowed our BAs and leadership teams to transform into an incredible BA community. Relationships were developed, new ideas were formed, and a few train wrecks occurred. Our goal is to be the leading employer in Iowa with the highest number of CBAPs. Learn how we are making tremendous progress and how we are growing in leaps and bounds.


    Karen Book

    Karen Book leads the IT Organizational Training and Development for all IT roles at Wellmark BCBS. She was a key leader in developing the Business Analyst Center or Excellence from the group up 3 years ago. The maturity with the Business Analysts grew tremendously over the past 3 years, and she has set the bar high for this group of BAs for the next 3 years. One of her goals is to be the top employer in Iowa with the highest number of CBAP BAs.
    Karen leveraged IIBA BABOK exclusively as the guiding principal of the CoE. She leveraged best practice coaches, top rated training vendors and Iowa's local IIBA chapter to name a few.
    Recently she was asked to lead the efforts for all of the multidiscipline IT teams for Wellmark BCBS developing, implementing and maintaining a training and development structure for Project Management, Business Analysis, Testing, Development and Architect job families.

    Kristi McIntosh

    Kristi McIntosh is a Technical Delivery Leader in the Business Technology Services division at Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield. She currently leads efforts for the company's ACA-compliant platform delivery program, with a specific focus on the Health Insurance Marketplace. She joined Wellmark in 2011 as a Program Business Systems Analyst. Kristi has 20 years of business analysis experience within the financial services and insurance industry.

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