BBC - Building Business Capability BBC - Save The Date - October 31 - November 4, 2016
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BBC - Building Business Capability

2015 Presentation Abstracts

Room: Octavius 1-3

Pre-Conference Tutorial

The Seven Separators of Great Facilitation


Speaker Photo: Leslie Stein

Leslie Stein

Facilitator, Leadership Strategies, Inc.


    As a business analyst, your role requires more than assessment – you must be able to facilitate decision-making, strategies and solutions among your teams. Business analysts are key agents of change, making your role unique and pivotal to your organization. How do you implement solutions and impact change without key facilitation skills to lead groups and gain buy-in? You don’t. Your technical knowledge alone won't always help you achieve better decisions. Business analysts must harness great facilitation skills to achieve full-scale results that deliver. In this dynamic, highly-interactive session, you will learn the seven key facilitation skills and over 20 techniques to begin using immediately.

    The seven key skills business analysts like you should be able to do:

    1. Establish and maintain a high energy level throughout every group session.
    2. Ask questions that draw a vivid image when generating powerful ideas that lead to solutions.
    3. Employ a full toolkit of follow-up question types to ensure you are always strategically probing.
    4. Respect the “power of the pen” when documenting group ideas and issues.
    5. Carry the group through a sophisticated, structured process.
    6. Prevent, detect and resolve group dysfunction that happen along the way.
    7. Isolate and address your client or project sponsor’s key needs.

    Plus, over 20 techniques that you can begin using immediately, including:

    • the 4 keys to an engaging opening
    • the secret to asking questions that ignite a bonfire of responses
    • how to prevent dysfunctional behavior
    • how to effectively maximize energy


    Leslie Stein

    Leslie Stein is a leading facilitator with Leadership Strategies, Inc. A talented author and graduate of the U. S. Military Academy in West Point, Leslie has over 11 years of leadership, process efficiency, behavioral analysis, and training experience in a number of challenging environments.  Her experience includes seven years in the U.S. Army, work in membership sales, television news production and project management in the non-profit and association communities. She has specialized knowledge in Lean management, process mapping, process improvement, team communication, and project management. Leslie has worked in a broad range of industries and collaborated with clients in efforts to enhance work productivity and relationships. She excels at interacting with individuals at all levels of organizations where her focus is to assess and support sustainable change. Leslie holds a B.S. in Portuguese from the U. S. Military Academy in West Point, NY, and is a graduate of the Army’s Combined Logistics Captain’s Career Course.

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