BBC - Building Business Capability BBC - Save The Date - October 31 - November 4, 2016
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BBC - Building Business Capability

2015 Presentation Abstracts

Room: Milano I & II

Pre-Conference Tutorial

Building Knowledge for Business Capability


Speaker Photo: Ronald G.  Ross

Ronald G. Ross

Co-Founder & Principal, Business Rule Solutions, LLC

Executive Editor,


    Many of us think all our work is ultimately just about requirements for IT system design. It’s not. Do you have the vision to go beyond that view?

    If so, you need to start thinking about the larger set of audiences for pragmatic company knowledge. What uses does that knowledge have? How do you organize it? What can it do for you?

    More and more frequently managers say things like, “We need to spend less time on understanding what we do, and more time on adding value for our customers.” And, “Why can’t we have any kind of deep discussion with business partners without always ending up in ITspeak?” Is the current situation unavoidable? No!

    Operational business knowledge can and should be organized so as to robustly serve continuous business-level dialog with all business stakeholders. Everyone wants requirements that are more usable and re-usable. Equally or more important is equipping ourselves to act as true business partners.

    And then there’s the problem of corporate memory, which seems to evaporate as soon as it’s created. We’re almost totally dependent on tacit knowledge – the kind that leaves when people walk out the door. We need explicit traceability of a far deeper kind. What does that look like? How will you retain it? What roles are required?

    You’ll walk away from this tutorial with new insights about how your company can operate more effectively in the knowledge economy. It’s guaranteed to change the way you think about requirements!

    • Why MS Office utterly fails as a repository for core business knowledge
    • Understanding the real rules of the game
    • How to build a great glossary based on a concept model
    • What part operational business knowledge should play in your business architecture
    • Producing work products for system designers vs. managing operational knowledge
    • The next big idea: Single Source of Business Truth (not data or IT truth)


    Ronald G. Ross

    Ronald G. Ross is Principal and Co-Founder of Business Rule Solutions, LLC(BRS), where he actively develops and applies the BABusinessSpeak methodology including RuleSpeak®, DecisionSpeak, and ConceptSpeak. Ron consults to companies worldwide through BRS.

    Ron is recognized internationally as the "father of business rules." He is the author of ten professional books including the groundbreaking first book on business rules The Business Rule Book in 1994. His newest are:

    ·       Building Business Solutions: Business Analysis with Business Rules(2nd edition) with Gladys S.W. Lam (2015, An IIBA® Sponsored Handbook).

    ·       Business Rule Concepts: Getting to the Point of Knowledge(4th edition, 2013).

    Ron serves as Executive Editor of BRCommunity.comand its flagship publication, Business Rules Journal. He is a sought-after speaker at conferences world-wide. More than 50,000 people have heard him speak; many more have attended his seminars and read his books.

    Ron has served as Chair of the annual International Business Rules & Decisions Forumconference since 1997, now part of the Building Business Capability (BBC) conference. He was a charter member of the Business Rules Group (BRG)in the 1980s, and an editor of its Business Motivation Model (BMM) standard and the Business Rules Manifesto. He is active in OMG standards development, with core involvement in SBVR. He was also a contributor to the IIBA’s BABOK v3.

    Ron holds a BA from Rice University and an MS in information science from Illinois Institute of Technology.

    For more information about Mr. Ross, visit, which hosts his blog.

    Tweets: @Ronald_G_Ross

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