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Pre-Conference Tutorial - Half Day

The ABC's of Modeling a Business Process Architecture


Speaker Photo: Roger Burlton

Roger Burlton

President and Managing Partner, Process Renewal Group

Founder, BPTrends Associates

Speaker Photo: Paul Harmon

Paul Harmon

Co-founder and Executive Editor, BPTrend Associates




    At the enterprise-wide architecture level, process models are strategic and very much concerned with the definition of processes as assets of the organization and how they deliver the capability to realize corporate strategic intent. The models at this level include business strategy ends and means, process architecture, measurements and objectives, and alignment with IT assets and human competencies. All of these are then used in process governance frameworks and ongoing portfolio management prioritization and selection. This session will define these models and connect them into a management framework. Case studies and delegate workshops will be spread throughout the session. Coming out of the process architecture is the selection of processes to be modeled as described in the next conference XYZ workshop. This session stands alone or can be taken with the following XYZ tutorial.

    • Strategy Models
    • Process Architecture Maps
    • Process Scorecards
    • Process/ Capability Alignment
    • Process Governance Frameworks

    Process Portfolio Management


    Roger is a respected pioneer in the introduction of innovative approaches for Business Management. He is a world leader in the field of Business Process Management, having authored one of the most read and followed books on the topic early in BPM’s growth as well as the Business Process Manifesto. Roger’s leadership is also witnessed by his position as chair of several of the most influential conferences each year on BPM and Business Architecture and by his role as chair of the Advisory Board. The insights he brings to PRG’s consulting clients are thoughtful and pragmatic.    


    Paul Harmon is a co-founder and executive editor at Business Process Trends –– an internationally popular website that provides a variety of free articles, columns, surveys, and book reviews each month on trends, directions and best practices in business process management.  

    Paul is the author of Business Process Change, and has just finished the third edition of this popular overview of business process management. 

    He is also a co-founder, chief methodologist, and a principal consultant of BPTrends Associates (BPTA) – a professional services company that provides executive education, training, and consulting services for organizations that are interested in understanding and implementing business process management.

    Paul involvement in business process change dates back to the late 60’s when he worked with Geary Rummler, at Praxis Corp., and was responsible for managing the overall development and delivery of the performance improvement projects undertaken by that company.  During the 70s and 80s he ran his own company, Harmon Associates,  and managed majorprocess improvement programs at Bank of America, Security Pacific, Wells Fargo, Prudential, and Citibank. 

    During the same period he was a Senior Consultant at Cutter Consortium and edited their Expert System Strategies, CASE, and Business Process Reengineering Strategies newsletters. He has authored or co-authored over twelve other books, including the very popular Expert Systems: AI for Business (Wiley, 1983) which was translated into seven different languages.

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