Business Process Forum

Tuesday | 2:30pm - 3:30pm | BPM as an Implementation Platform Track
Room: Juniper

Panel Discussion

OMG Implementation Award Winners Panel: BPM/SOA Success Stories: Business Agility and Process Optimization enabled by BPM and SOA


Speaker Photo: Dr. Richard Soley, Ph.D.

Dr. Richard Soley, Ph.D.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, OMG


Manoj Kumar

Manager Business Process Automation, AmerisourceBergen Corporation

Gonçalo Borrêga

Product Delivery Manager, OutSystems




    A well-implemented Business Process Management (BPM) initiative leads to greater business agility, faster productivity and improved customer interactions for all stakeholders. A well-implemented Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) leads to streamlined technology portfolios, improved resource sharing, better-defined business capabilities, and ease of capability introduction or change. The combined use of BPM and SOA results in an optimized business environment that is change-friendly, and poised for business innovation.

    In this session, winners of the BPM/SOA Community of Practice and BPTrends Case Study Contest will share insights from their BPM, SOA and combined use success stories, including:

    • the business challenge addressed
    • achieved ROI
    • business participation
    • lessons learned
    • methodologies employed
    • how they have, or plan to incorporate complementary techniques such as event processing, business analytics and cloud computing


    Dr. Richard Mark Soley is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Object Management Group, Inc. (OMG®) and Executive Director of the SOA Consortium.

    As Chairman and CEO of the OMG, Dr. Soley is responsible for the vision and direction of the world's largest consortium of its type. Dr. Soley joined the nascent OMG as Technical Director in 1989, leading the development of OMG's world-leading standardization process and the original CORBA® specification. In 1996, he led the effort to move into vertical market standards (starting with healthcare, finance, telecommunications and manufacturing) and modeling, leading first to the Unified Modeling Language (UML®) and later the Model Driven Architecture (MDA®). He also led the effort to establish the SOA Consortium in January 2007.

    Previously, Dr. Soley was a cofounder and former Chairman/CEO of A. I. Architects, Inc., maker of the 386 HummingBoard and other PC and workstation hardware and software. Prior to that, he consulted for various technology companies and venture firms on matters pertaining to software investment opportunities. Dr. Soley has also consulted for IBM, Motorola, PictureTel, Texas Instruments, Gold Hill Computer and others. He began his professional life at Honeywell Computer Systems working on the Multics operating system.

    A native of Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A., Dr. Soley holds the bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in Computer Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


    Gonçalo Borrêga has been working in the software development industry for the last 12 years, creating applications in areas such as health care, retail services, banking, telecommunications and insurance industries. His interests lie in the serious challenges that large software systems face today and how strong architectures and methodologies can mitigate them. In the last few years he has been involved with several BPM projects and lead the design and delivery effort for the Van Ameyde ECHO project using OutSystems Business Process Technology and the Agile Platform.

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