Business Process Forum

Tuesday | 7:30pm - 8:30pm | BPM as an Analysis Methodology Track
Room: Plaza BC

Panel Discussion

BPM Vendor Panel


Speaker Photo: Paul Harmon

Paul Harmon

Co-founder and Executive Editor, BPTrend Associates


Rick Geneva

Business Process Management Expert and Author, Progress Software

Speaker Photo: Stephen Zisk

Stephen Zisk

Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Pegasystems Inc.

Dermot McCauley

VP of Corporate Development, Singularity Ltd




    There are a large number of software vendors offering software products designed to help business process practitioners, business rules developers and business analysts.  Some help with very specific tasks, some help with multiple tasks, and some of the recent BPMS suites are designed to serve as business process platforms that can support any and all process work.  This panel will ask three vendors to discuss the current software products market, who is using process software, the range of products available, and to speculate on where the market is going in the near future.

    • What business process software options are available today?
    • What are the strengths and weaknesses of various options?
    • What are the trends in the market in terms of products and use?


    Paul Harmon is a co-founder and executive editor at Business Process Trends –– an internationally popular website that provides a variety of free articles, columns, surveys, and book reviews each month on trends, directions and best practices in business process management.  

    Paul is the author of Business Process Change, and has just finished the third edition of this popular overview of business process management. 

    He is also a co-founder, chief methodologist, and a principal consultant of BPTrends Associates (BPTA) – a professional services company that provides executive education, training, and consulting services for organizations that are interested in understanding and implementing business process management.

    Paul involvement in business process change dates back to the late 60’s when he worked with Geary Rummler, at Praxis Corp., and was responsible for managing the overall development and delivery of the performance improvement projects undertaken by that company.  During the 70s and 80s he ran his own company, Harmon Associates,  and managed majorprocess improvement programs at Bank of America, Security Pacific, Wells Fargo, Prudential, and Citibank. 

    During the same period he was a Senior Consultant at Cutter Consortium and edited their Expert System Strategies, CASE, and Business Process Reengineering Strategies newsletters. He has authored or co-authored over twelve other books, including the very popular Expert Systems: AI for Business (Wiley, 1983) which was translated into seven different languages.


    Stephen Zisk has worked in the Enterprise Software space for over 25 years, building solutions and working with customers in the Retail, Manufacturing, Financial Services, and Government sectors. Mr. Zisk has designed, developed, and marketed Workflow, BPM, Rules, and Semantic Integration software for the last ten years, and focuses on Business / IT collaboration, Best Practices, and Enterprise Integration. At Pegasystems, Mr. Zisk helps the company with marketing and improving its industry-leading SmartBPM BPMS Suite.

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