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About the 2nd Business Strategy & Transformation Summit at BBC 2013

Organizations the world over face unprecedented challenges. Accelerating rate of change. Globalization and massive connectivity. Volatility in supply chains and marketplaces. All too often organizations are shackled by their legacy systems and practices, which not only severely limit options but dull the creative spirit of staff as well. How can you move the business ahead confidently to achieve essential objectives?

The three Chairs of the BBC have created this exciting new event as a forum to rethink how the enterprise works and delivers value. In what ways does the business need to change? What pragmatic steps and methods will get you there? How is deployment of the change into the organization best managed?

This unique event provides practical answers and new insights for these and other pressing concerns. The Summit will deliver the clarity you’ve been looking for.

  • Hear what experienced, independent innovators have to say.

  • Brainstorm with thought-leaders and peers about how you can set your organization on a path toward success.

  • Find out how you can bring a new everyday spirit of innovation into business operation.

Core BBC Topics

  • Business agility

  • Operational excellence

  • Innovation

  • Customer intimacy

  • Governance

Special BS&T Topics

  • Driving change from strategy to execution

  • Holistic strategy and change management

  • Business capability planning

  • Technology-enabled transformation

  • Customer-centric business models

  • Rethinking supply chains & logistics

  • Addressing complexity and constant change

  • End-to-end collaboration

  • Transforming product & service lifecycles

  • Creating sustainable sources of competitive differentiation

  • Realigning operating structures

  • Risk & compliance management

  • Enabling apple-to-apple financial measures

Network with your peers in a great environment

Network with your peers in a great environment

The Business Strategy & Transformation Summit takes place as part of Building Business Capability (BBC 2013), along with the Business Rules Forum, Business Analysis Forum, and Business Process Forum – bringing together an unsurpassed group of professionals tasked with building a more capable organization. Learn from your peers not only in the sessions but also informally at the many networking opportunities.

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What will the experience be like?

What will the experience be like?

The Business Strategy & Transformation Summit features:

  • Practical, experiential focus – presentations, panels and working sessions
  • Topics to meet the inter-related needs of:
    • Business Managers, Planners, BA Managers, CIOs
    • Real-life application
    • Business Rules, Decisioning & BPM
  • Best practices from proven, leading-edge experience

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Sponsor the Business Analysis Forum

Sponsor the Business Strategy & Transformation Summit

Do your products and services help organizations business processes, business rules, decisioning, change or compliance more effectively than they could before? If so, the attendees at Building Business Capability want to meet you.

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